Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just another day...

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give an update on our little man, Jackson. He went to the Dr. again yesterday for this fever/cough/runny nose/rash/no sleep/general irritability thing that has been going on with him. He has a viral infection, which explains all the symptoms listed above, and he is teething, which I am sure is no fun for him. No medicine is required, except tylenol for Mom and Dad :)

He will be going to an ENT on Monday to discuss the possiblity of him getting tubes for his ears. We have been battling ear infections since November, and although he does not currently have an ear infection, he still has fluid behind the ear. Although I hate the thought of him having to have any kind of surgery, even one as common as tubes, I really hope that Dr. Knox thinks that tubes will help him. He has just had a time with his ears, and we really want him to get better soon. I think we have had enough trouble with his ears. Lets just fix this problem!!!

Jackson is now 8 months old. He is into everything now and is just so curious about stuff. He loves to open drawers and play with doors (I know...easily amused). He is just great and I hope that you enjoy the pics. Have a great day!!!

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CHELLE said...

okay i love the drawing picture... that's way too cool... he's so adorable you and jeremy are very lucky... keep them coming.... I hope you have a great Mother's Day.

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