Monday, July 16, 2007

11 months old!!!!

Hey everyone. I hope that you are doing great. I am sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a week. It has been so crazy trying to adjust to a new job, and I am really limited with my internet access now. So here’s the scoop. I love my job!! Everyone is so nice and welcoming, and I know that I am going to do great here. We are having our first conference tomorrow, so that will be busy, but I get a free lunch out of it Some little tidbits that may interest you:
1. Jackson is 11 months old now. Oh yes…its true. 11 whole months have gone by since our little man joined the family. He is growing like a weed, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, you need to come by. You are really missing out. He is such a joy!
2. Everyone has to go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is such a good movie!!!We saw it on Friday night, and it was amazing. I am such a HP junkie, and please don’t start arguing with me that the books/movies are promoting witchcraft. Get over yourself and repeat after me. “They are just books….They are just books.” I love anything that promotes reading, and bottom line, the books are amazing. So for all you judgmental types out there, try reading the books before you write them off completely. They may just surprise you.
Ok. I am stepping off my HP soapbox now. I hope that you have a great week. The pictures I am posting are all from our visit to Hattiesburg last weekend. Jackson just loves his Gigi and his Papa, and has such a good time with them! Hope you enjoy!

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CHELLE said...

He is growing so much.. He is adorable... those are great pics, that's memories that will last a life time...

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