Friday, August 24, 2007

Last night I happened to catch on the 6:00 report of our local news station, WSFA, that if you were outside at exactly 8:04 p.m. you could catch a glimpse of the International Space Station (ISS) shooting through the sky. So what do you think I did? Oh yes. I made Jeremy go into the backyard with me at 8:00 to make sure that I didn’t miss the blessed event. So there we are, staring into the sky, and all I can see is one bright star and a bunch of clouds. So I looked the other direction and I spotted what appeared to be a dot that was moving through the sky. There I am saying, “Jeremy…I promise, that’s it. Look right there. I promise it’s moving.” I am so smug and proud of myself for being the first one to spot the ISS. Then I turned around toward the direction of the moon, and there it was. It looked just like a comet shooting through the sky right over the moon. It was so neat to see. It turned out that the dot that I was convinced was moving, was in fact, just a star. So much for my little dot in the sky. Sigh.

In other news, Jeremy and I will be traveling to Southside this weekend for his 10 year class reunion. I have joke with him that having a ten year reunion officially means that you are old. He quickly reminds me that my reunion is next year, so that means that I am almost old.

I even more news, I have had so many people tell me that they thought that we should enter Jackson’s tooth brushing video into America’s Funniest Home Videos. After the 5th person told me that, I decided that I would do it. Soooo, I have entered the video, and filled out the 18 pages worth of legal disclaimers that go with entering a video. (Seriously people…18 pages. Are they kidding me?) So be watching AFV and vote for us to win $100,000. I really do think its funny, and videos a lot dumber than his have won major moola on AFV. Get Ready. Jackson is about to make his television debut!

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McCrory Family said...

We use Windows Movie Maker to edit all of our videos. It is really easy to use!!

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