Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Banner!!

Thank you ,thank you, thank you, Heather for the oh so cute banner. I love it!

Guess what happened to me yesterday. I am going to already claim the blame here. What in the world was I thinking taking a cup of RED Kool-aid into my living room. Am I not aware that I have a very curious child who loves to grab anything within reach. There I was, minding my own business, when I glanced to my right and (picture all this in slow motion).. I see Jackson reaching for my cup of Kool-Aid. He tilted it over just enough for it to pour all over our formerly white carpet. It is just in a puddle on the floor and Jackson decides to start slapping his hands into the small puddle that formed on the end table. He then helps me out by sliding the remaining Kool-Aid onto the floor.

I didn't know what to do first. I ran into the kitchen to grab a stash of dishtowels, my Woolite carpet cleaner and then back into the living room where Jackson is just having the time of his life in my Kool-Aid. In between trying to mop up the mess, this is what my conversation sounded like:

Me (to myself): "What were you koolaid....Jackson....You have GOT to be kidding me."

Me (to Jackson): "Jackson, stop...Don't grab the woolite."


Me (to myself): "WHERE IS JEREMY????"

Jackson (to me): "BAAAAAHHHHHHHHH"

Me (to Jackson): "Jackson, can't play with the woolite."

Jackson (to me): "BAAAAAHHHHHHHH"

Me (to myself): "WHAT WAS I THINKING?????"

Me (to Jeremy as he walked in the door): "Don't say a word. I don't know what I was thinking."

That is my story. Fun isn't it. If you look very closely, you still see the faint tinge of pink on my formerly white carpet....Sigh.....oh well.

P.S. Woolite carpet cleaner works very well, although it has a funny smell to me.

2 random thoughts:

Trey and Heather said...

but he's so darn cute!!!!

glad you like the banner!

CHELLE said...

With his smile, he could do nothing wrong... He's so adorable...

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