Monday, August 20, 2007

What did you say?

So we had a big weekend in the Wade household. I will start with Friday. Jackson had a check-up with his ENT. We had been told by our pediatrician, Dr. Diebel, that Jackson’s tube in his left ear had come out, but was still stuck in his ear. Jeremy and I had noticed some balance issues with Jackson, so we thought that we better be safe and get his ears checked out by the ENT. Dr Knox confirmed that the tube had come loose, but everything seemed okay.

We actually heard the receptionist say to a man in the waiting room, “So how long have you not been able to hear?” Are you kidding me??? Someone comes to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor to have his hearing checked, and you ask him how long he hasn’t been able to hear. His honest to goodness response to that stupid question was “What did you say?” How funny is that? I nearly died laughing until Jeremy made me behave.

We also had Jackson’s 1 year professional pictures done. He looked so handsome, and for at least one of the poses, we had great smiles. Then he pitched a hissy fit. How can someone so stinking cute wail like that? One of the unanswered questions of my life….

On Saturday, our little man had his 1st B’day party. It was great. We had good food, lots of friends and family, and a great time. Jackson did not like putting his hands into his cake, but he LOVED his ice cream. He was exhausted after the party, and so were we.

Sunday…just a normal churchy day.

Today….Jackson had his 1 year check up with Dr Diebel. He now weighs in at 24.6 pounds and is 30¼ inches long. He breaks in at the 75% for both categories. The only thing that is bugging me is that he has to go see an eye doctor. Dr Diebel thinks that he has a slight case of Amblyopia, which is just a lazy eye. She noticed that when he looks straight ahead, and cuts his eyes to the left or the right, his left eye goes too far over. I had never noticed it, but she is the expert. She is sending us to Dr. Young, who just happens to be the doctor that did the surgery for my Dad’s cataracts. So, it does upset me, but there is nothing we can do about it right now, and hopefully, nothing will have to be done. More than likely, the only course of treatment would be eye drops, glasses, or a pirate patch. None of these sounds great, but I would much rather have one of those treatments done than have to resort to surgery. His appointment is on September 4th.
Keep little man in your prayers that this is nothing serious. Gotta run. Have a great day!

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McCrory Family said...

So sorry we had to miss Jackson's party. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time! My niece had the same eye problem...she wore a patch for several months and is now a BEAUTIFUL little girl! :) Y'all will be in my prayers

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