Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gimme five, or maybe not...

Just a few highlights from the Wade household. Jackson learned a few new tricks, and I thought they were blog worthy. Jackson has learned how to throw a ball (left handed). Between baseball golf, and swimming, I know that sports are going to run in his blood. If this lefty thing sticks with him I am giong to need serious help when it comes time to teach him to write.

Yesterday when I got home from work, Jackson pulled a good one on me and started running through the house trying to hide from me. So I am tearing through the house trying to catch this amazingly fast toddler, playing interference with Macy who thinks that this chasing game is the best thing ever invented, when I finally caught Jackson. I grabbed him up and started saying, “You are such a silly boy.” I kid you not, he said the word “silly” about 4 times. It was so stinking cute. Of course when Jeremy got home, and I told him the big news, Jackson refused to say anything. After a few minutes he reverted back to his standards of “Mama” and “Dada”, but he is so stubborn that he will not do any of his tricks on command.

Later that night, I grabbed his hand and gave myself a high five and said, “gimme five.” I did that about 5 times and he started doing it on command. Enter Daddy into the room. I said “Jeremy, look what Jackson is doing. Jackson, gimme five.” What do you think Jackson did? You got it. NOTHING. I swear this kid is doing this on purpose. He is making me look like a fool, and of course, Jeremy thinks it's hilarious.

Have a great day!

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