Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Monday!

Hey everyone. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. It was just me and Jackson this weekend because Jeremy had to work. We went to the park with Nana and Grandpa (pictures later) and had a great time. It was the perfect weather to be outside, and Jackson had a great time playing.

In other news...
  • Jeremy is headed to a conference in hotlanta
  • Auburn lost :(
  • Alabama won :(
  • I made bbq for the first time ever this weekend. I had NO idea how easy schemeazy it was, and it turned out really good. Definitely a repeat recipe.
  • It is raining here (maybe heavy rains) and we really need it. We are bone dry here in Alabama.

I will post new pictures of Jackson later today. He was so stinking cute this weekend, and oh so sweet. Have a great Monday!

1 random thoughts:

McCrory Family said...

Glad y'all had a great weekend. SOOOO sad that AU lost :(

How did you get your personalized banner on your blog? I would love something like that!!

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