Friday, October 26, 2007


So we quite an adventurous evening in the Wade household. As you may be aware, Thursday nights are reserved for Financial Peace University in our family. Kellyn and Jason are our standard babysitters for Thursday nights, and so that is always the same…until yesterday. I called Jeremy on my way home from work, and he calmly asked me, “Where are you?” My first thought was…something is wrong. I told him that I was on the interstate, and I would be home in about 15 minutes. He said that he was trying to be nice and go ahead and cut up the cabbage I was going to steam for supper. Jackson was in the high chair, and apparently made some kind of noise, so Jeremy looked over his shoulder, at the same time that he was still cutting the cabbage. You can guess what happened. He sliced his finger open, a nice size gash on his left middle finger. We ended up at Pri-Med last night where Jeremy got 4 stitches in his finger. He is fine now, but needless to say, his finger is so sore.

Oh, and today is the last day of the Oh Baby contest. You can still visit and click on the free vote and enter Jackson W1. You can also make a contribution if you like.

I will post some new pics of Jackson and Macy later. Have a great weekend!

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