Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bite-Gate continues...

Well, I didn’t receive any phone calls at work yesterday. Yeah!!!! Little man actually made it through school without biting anyone. I was so stinking relieved. Then he bit Jeremy on the nose when they got home. Oh well. I can deal with his biting a lot better at home than I could if he were biting at school. He is going to be at school for only half the day today, so hopefully, we can make it through the day without any incidents.

Hold the presses….I just got a phone call. Ugh. He just bit Colleen over a toy, and his morning teacher was right there beside him, so thankfully, she was able to stop him before he left a mark.

With Miranda’s recommendation, we did order the book, “Teeth are Not for Biting” from I put a rush order on it, and it will be at our house tomorrow. Jackson loves books, so hopefully, he can grasp the concept of this book. We’ll see. I have absolutely nothing to lose from trying it (except the $8.00) that the book costs, and at this point, I will try anything.
If you have anymore words of wisdom, please share. I need all the help I can get, and I will try just about anything. Have a great Thursday!

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Miranda said...

Not that Little Man has any behavior issues, but the same author of that book has a whole variety of behavior based books. I'm thinking of getting Gracie the "Hands are not for Hitting" (she beats up on the little boy my mom keeps!). They also have Pacifiers are Not Forever (as mentioned on my blog), feet are not for kicking, words are not for hurting, etc. Let me know if that book works out for you guys!

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