Friday, November 16, 2007

New pics and randomness

In case you don't know, the intersection next to my office is a nightmare to navigate. We are right next to a hospital, so all day long we hear ambulances racing by, and at least 2 times a week, someone has a car accident right outside my window. Pretty sad, huh. We are also in a pretty shady part of town, so our building has a private parking lot behind it with a gate around it.

Yesterday when I left to go to my car, I noticed that a car was blocking my car into the space. I then realized that their was a police officer beside it talking to some people. My first thought was that my car had been hit (it hadn't). I then saw that the lady blocking me in was just a witness to the accident, and was just standing around waiting for the police to say that she could leave.

Here comes the randomness.

As I walked up to my car, Ms. Witness asked me if she was blocking my car in. I told her that she was, and as I got closer, I realized that Ms. Witness only had one arm, was standing there smoking a cigarette. Is that weird to anyone else besides me? I cant help but wonder:
1. How did she light it?
2. If you only have one arm, and are smoking as you drive down the road, what do you do when your cell phone rings?
We are getting Jackson's hair cut for the first time next week. His great-grandfather, Papaw, is going to take him. I am really going to miss his sweet curls, but it is definitely time for a haircut.

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