Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Britney's Lil' Sis

In blog worthy news, it has come out that 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears, little sister of Britney, and star of Nickelodeon's Zoey 101, has gone and gotten herself knocked up. Apparently the father-to-be is her “long-time boyfriend.” Now I may be crazy, but since when can any relationship be classified as a long-time relationship when you are under the age of 18? Jamie and her man Casey, have been dating since she was 13 ½ (does the half year really make that big of a difference??) and Casey is now 19 years old. Now in most states, if you have a “relationship” with someone under the age of 18, that is called statutory rape. What makes celebrity relationships any different? It seems like the norm in Hollywood is that everyone can have "relationships" with anyone, and no-one ever gets married. That just seems so against everything that I believe. Is it truly normal now to have children without being married? Maybe so, but I am so grateful to have a husband and a child. It makes life so much easier. Now don't get me wrong, I truly feel sorry for Jamie. Having a child is hard work, especially when you are only 16 years old, and I can only hope that she is ready for the challenges ahead of her.
Where has her mother been while she has been in this relationship? Oh wait, her mother has been busy writing a parenting book. Now it all makes sense. Lynn Spears wanted to share all her parenting tips with everyone about how she has successfully raised two girls in show business. I don’t know about you, but I was waiting on pins and needles for Mama Spears to tell me the best way to cash in on Jackson. Seriously, kids are expensive these days.

Some of you may remember that I so graciously offered Britney some help during what may be deemed as her darkest days. Sadly Britney never took me up on my offer. Now, I humbly extend that offer to her little sister Jamie. Britney can still be included in the package deal. I know that it can be tough being a big sister; after all, you do have your little sister looking up to you for everything, and following your lead in life. I mean, who else is going to teach you to color coordinate your thong panties with your sequin bra top. That my friends is the true meaning of sisterhood!!! I can only hope that I have taught Kellyn as much as Britney has taught Jamie. Then, and only then, would I be truly proud of my skills as a big sister.

My next official Job Title: Common Sense Consultant for the Spears family. I think it could work, and I only charge a nominal fee…

1 random thoughts:

Kellyn said...

In comparison, I feel I've been failed as a little sister! Just definitely taught me to color coordinate my thongs and bras...wasn't that the same day you taught me the Care Bear Stare?

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