Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Ramblings

Hey everyone. I hope you are having a great day. I don't have much to say today other than ramblings, so here goes!
  • Jackson is 16 months old today! He is growing like a weed, and is learning new things almost daily. It has been so much fun to see the changes he has made. He's great!
  • Jackson must have had a nightmare last night because he woke up at 1:30, and it was after 2:30 before I got back in bed. I spent most of that time laying on the floor of his room saying, "SSHHHHH, SSSHHHHHH" while trying to get him back to sleep. Every time he dozed off, as soon as I would get up, his eyes would fly open and we would start the whole process again. Needless to say, I am dragging today.
  • Jeremy turned the alarm clock off sometime during the night, so when I woke up at 6:10 my first thought was, "Oh Crap." That is 30 minutes later than I normally get up. That my friends, will start your day out on the wrong foot.
  • Jeremy and I are having dinner tonight with my former boss, Jennifer. I am so excited about seeing her again. She is wonderful!
  • Tomorrow is Jeremy and my 6 year anniversary. We don't have big plans other than going to the Ox Yoke restaurant for steaks tomorrow night. It has been a great 6 years, and I look forward to about 70 more years with him.

I guess that's it. Have a great weekend, and try to finish all that Christmas shopping you have been putting off!!!

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Lady Why said...

Hi, I found your blog from your fabulous haiku on Rocks In My Dryer! We're in Alabama too... and I have to secretly (or not so secretly) admit that I am LOVING this warm weather! I'm feeling really sorry for those poor unfortunate souls all iced in up north!

You have a wonderful blog and I'll be back!

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