Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Graduation!

Hey everyone. I hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend. I have so many things to share from this past weekend that I have decided to break things down into categories for your reading pleasure. This will be a little long, but oh well. Here goes!

Graduation Stuff!!
  • My incredibly smart sister, Kellyn, won the Dean’s Award in her school for her incredible 4.0 grade point average in graduate school. We are so proud of her!!! If anyone out there in blog world is looking to hire a new Occupational Therapist…give me a call. I can hook you up with the smartest graduate the University of South Alabama can offer you.
  • Kellyn’s totally average big sister made a fool out of herself before the ceremony began. Picture this….Jackson decided to wait until we were at the ceremony to fill his diaper with the worst possible graduation gift ever. Since Jeremy claimed that the men’s bathroom didn’t have a diaper changing station (totally not true by the way), I took Jackson into the women’s bathroom to fix him up. When I finished, I realized there was no way that I could put Jackson down, and wash/dry my hands with him running around the oh, so sanitary bathroom. My solution: take Jackson back to Jeremy, and then I went back into the bathroom to wash my hands. Sounds good right?? Only I didn’t walk into the women’s restroom. You read that right. I walked right into the men’s restroom. My first thought was, “That’s weird…why would there be urinals in the girl’s bathroom?” My second thought…”Why are there men in the girl’s bathroom.” After about 2.5 seconds, I realized my mistake and quickly said, “Whoops…I’m in the wrong bathroom. “ I think the men were in shock. At least no one was visiting the urinals during my little visit. I was mortified enough as it was. Jeremy was pretty embarrassed by it also.
  • Kellyn’s graduation was at 2:00 in the afternoon. In typical Moore fashion, we arrived at 1:00 to scope out the best seats. This was after arriving on campus at (I’m not kidding) 11:00 for pictures in front of the jaguar on campus. My Mom is world famous for her photo taking, and much to her credit, we always have tons of great pictures to choose from. Pictures sessions were always easier pre-Jackson…He tends to be a handful. We found the perfect seats right by the stairs, and on the end of the aisle so we could make a quick exit with Jackson if needed. So imagine my pleasure when at 1:55 I look around and I am literally surrounds by Indians (as in from India, not Native Americans). They have completely covered my planned exit route, and are just standing there. Not looking for seats, not taking a quick picture, they have planted themselves in my exit route, and I was not happy about it. Oh well.. I figured that I could weed my way through the crowd if needed. Imagine the next surprise I found. These people around us talked the ENTIRE graduation ceremony. It started at 2:01 when the guy directly behind me got his first cell phone call of the service. This was immediately followed by calls 2 through 97. Picture this…he answers his phone (in whatever language that was..) and proceeds to look down over the balcony where he is standing and he starts talking to someone BELOW us. ARGGGHHHH. I was beyond frustrated. Then the girls start talking/laughing/answering phone calls/giggling/generally annoying me. Now I tend to be a nice person. I try so hard when stuff gets on my nerves to make myself behave. However, when you are at a graduation ceremony, the least you could do is be respectful of those around you. I don’t care what culture you are from…it is RUDE to be disruptive and obnoxious. At first I tried my dirty look over the shoulder when they started talking. It is 97% effective for dealing with rude people. They were completely oblivious to it. Is that a culture thing? Next I tried sighing loudly…still nothing from my Hindu brothers/sisters. Finally, I pulled my last trick out of my bag. When Mr. Kasheesh answered his phone for the 80th time, I turned around and asked him to leave. I believe my words were, “Do you mind? Can you take your phone call out there?” and then I kindly pointed the exit out to him in case he couldn’t read the English it was written in. Did I go too far? I don’t really care. That kind of thing really gets on my nerves. They were disbanded for a few minutes when the policeman asked them to find seats because the people sitting behind them couldn’t see. It didn’t last for long. After a few minutes the whole Indian Consulate was back, and now, one gentleman was kind enough to take Jeremy’s seat (he was out with Jackson). It wouldn’t have been so bad had he not had the worst B.O. I have ever smelled. My Mom and I finally gave up trying. Clearly…it was a lost battle. I will post pictures later of our new friends. We discretely got their picture. The entire thing was priceless….

Hotel Stuff!!!

I promised stories from Jackson’s first stay in a hotel, and usual, Jackson did deliver.

  • We had just checked into the hotel, and Jackson and I had gone on up to our room while Jeremy was getting the luggage out of the car. I had put that little bar in the door so it wouldn’t shut all the way, and then I walked over to the window to open the curtains. I then heard, “Boom, Boom” and then silence. I turned around and looked, and Jackson was gone. I ran to the door, looked out, and there was my little monkey running down the hall laughing his head off. I know..I know..I will definitely win Mother of the Year Award for almost losing my child within 5 minutes of checking into the hotel. That my dear friends, takes talent.
  • Jackson was kind enough to wake up at 5:00 on Saturday morning. Is this some kind of sick trick that kids learn to inflict punishment on their parents. Seriously. Saturday morning. At 5:00. We were basically offering him everything from a cold hard cash to a new Mustang on his birthday for him just to go back to sleep.
  • We finally got him to take a nap at 8:00 in the morning before we were going to check out. We had no more put him down in his playpen when housekeeping came knocking. I thought I was going to come unglued. He did stay asleep though, and then he was running full tilt until 7:00 on our way home.

Random Stuff

Some random stuff that I though might be of interest to you.

  • After graduation, we ate at Wintzell’s Oyster House which according to the menu, has a location in Hattiesburg, MS. For anyone who hasn’t tried it, I must recommend this seafood restaurant. The have all these great signs posted all over the restaurant that are just hilarious to read. The whole place is two crab claws up!
  • We are going to the Montgomery Zoo tonight to see their Christmas lights. I am planning to take full advantage for our outdoor adventure while it is still 80 degrees outside.
  • Congrats to the Prattville Lions for winning their 2nd 6A Football Championship in a row. They beat Hoover last year (from the MTV show Two-A-Days), and shutout Spain Park this year. They are currently ranked #2 in the nation. We are so proud of our lions!!!

I guess that’s all for now. I will post pictures from graduation as soon as I remember to bring my camera. Have a great Monday!

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