Wednesday, December 12, 2007

His new trick!!

Last night we had a wonderful time at my office work party. The food, decorations, company; everything was perfect. Then I called home and my perfect evening came to a screeching halt.

Me: We’re on our way home. How did Jackson do?
Dad: Let me tell you what your son did.
Me: What did he do? Was it bad?
Dad: I’ll just wait until you get here to tell you.

Let me just say, that is the worst thing in the world to hear. My mind literally started turning with possibilities of what Jackson had done. With an adventurous son like Jackson, you never can tell what he is going to do.

My parents watched Jackson while we were at the party. Everyone had fun. Jackson had played, probably cut up a little bit, and had a wonderful time. They gave him his bath, and after his bath, they were in his room, he pointed to his crib and acted like he wanted to get into it. They put him in, and this is what he did:

This little monkey has figured out how to climb out of his crib!!! At 16 months!!! I was so counting on at least 2-3 more months before I had to worry about this. Of course Mom and Dad stopped him before he was able to complete his mission. His new trick however is causing me a great deal of heartburn. I CANNOT put my 16 month old so into a bed where he has can come and go as he chooses. He would be into everything. I would officially never sleep again. I would be completely gray by the time I am 30. Life as I know it would be over…Sigh. Parenting really should come with a manual.

This is how he slept last night. This way, we figured, if he climbed over and fell, at least it would be cushioned. Perhaps our reasoning is a little skewed, but we are definitely open to suggestions . My first thought was of Macy’s enormous dog crate, but I don’t think DHR would take too kindly to that. Any other ideas?

2 random thoughts:

Miranda said...

Seriously? put it as LOW as humanly possible. The mattress, I mean. Make Jeremy check and make certain it can't possibly be lowered anymore. Even at 2, Gracie's chin only reached the top of the crib rail, and we only two weeks ago converted her to a "big girl" training bed.

Southern Fried Mom said...

I can tell you're a first-time mom because of all the pillows on the floor. I would just let the law of natural consequences take over...if he busts his head open, I bet he won't do it again....Just kidding!!!!! Fat Baby stayed in the crib until he was almost three. It's been pure and total hell ever since. Hooray for the tent! Hold him out as long as possible. I'm serious.

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