Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our solution (at least we hope it is)

After much debate and many creative solutions offered, we have decided to purchase the Tots In Mind Cozy Crib Tent to try and contain little man for a few more months. Actually, I decided to buy it, and Jeremy graciously agreed. I know that I don't want Jackson in a toddler bed or a twin bed yet, and I am just a nervous wreck when I think about him climbing in and out of his bed. So, I had to find something to help us. We actually were watching Dateline last night and it was featuring the McCaughey septuplets and showing them over the last 10 years. It had tons of highlights from when they were toddlers and Jeremy and I spotted the crib tent over many of the beds and I just had to do some research and find out what it was. Thanks to GOOGLE, I now know. It looks weird, but parents that have tried it sing it's praises. I know....I did research! It should arrive by next Wednesday and believe me, you will hear about it whether it is good or bad.

Bite-Gate Update: I know you have all been on the edge of your seat wanting to know whether we got Jackson to quit biting. Answer: Sort of. He had stopped biting and then they promoted Kaitlynn to his class at school, and guess what her favorite thing to do is? You got it…Biting! She has left 3 bruises on his arms from her little canines. Jeremy’s main concern was that she had her rabies shot. After all, we can’t have Jackson getting sick! Now, Jackson has reverted back to biting occasionally, and I can’t really blame him. Kaitlynn is chewing him to pieces. He has to defend himself somehow!

I gotta run. Tonight is the last night of Dave Ramsey, and in his honor, I am going to skip class and go Christmas shopping! Have a good Thursday!

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McCrory Family said...

I've heard a lot of great things about the tent...hopefully it will work for Jackson and keep him safe!!

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