Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Prattville's Finest

I have a story to tell today. It has a lot of rabbit trails, and I am going to have to chase them all, so forgive me ahead of time.

We went out to eat with my Mom last night for her B’day. After eating, we headed over to K-Mart to check out their outdoor Christmas lights. You see, yesterday, Jeremy was going to set up the Christmas tree, and I was going to decorate it last night. We had a great pre-lit artificial tree that was up at our wedding, and I guess the life expectancy for the tree had reached its limit. When Jeremy got the tree out of the attic, he found that there were several frayed wires, so, the tree has to go.

*Now I have to find a real tree that I like just as much.

There wasn’t anything we liked at K-Mart, so we headed over to Lowe’s. Now let me give you a little picture of our Lowe’s. It is located at this great cut through road that takes you from one busy side of Prattville, to the other busy side, while bypassing a lot of traffic. Super convenient. We found just what we were looking for, and as we were headed home, just as we pulled out onto that road, I commented to Jeremy that he needed to slow down because of the construction they are doing in the area.

We got home at 7:00 only to find out the strand of lights was about 10 feet too short. I told Jeremy just to leave the lights up, but turned off, and wait until tonight, and after our Christmas party, we could run back to Lowes and buy another strand. But oh no….We can’t do that. These have to go up tonight!

So Jeremy decides to head back to Lowe’s at 7:30 last night. I made him take Jackson with him, because Jackson would have had a meltdown had his Daddy left him. So there I was, the house to myself, with my bathtub calling my name.

*No sooner did I get in the tub, when the phone rang. Ugh. Oh well.
Meanwhile, Jeremy got home and said, “Well. Something just happened to me that has never happened before.” Without batting an eye, I said, “You got pulled over didn’t you?”

Jeremy said that he was on that infamous cut through road when one of Prattville’s finest got him. The same road I warned him about his speed on! He said he passed two motorcycle officers, and immediately one of their lights came on. Here is their conversation:
Officer: “Where you going so fast?”

Jeremy: (Picture him opening his door because the windows won’t roll down anymore) “Lowe’s for Christmas lights. We didn’t buy enough.”

Officer: “Did your wife send you back?” (Why would he assume that?)

Jeremy: “Yes.” (Not technically true, since I told him that we could wait until tonight…but I digress.)

Officer: “I need to see your license and proof of insurance.”

Jeremy: “Okay. Hold on…It’s in here somewhere” (picture Jeremy opening his glove compartment and pulling everything out because he couldn’t find the current card). He finally found a somewhat recent card and the officer glanced at it, and told him to slow down through there.

End of story: Jeremy did not get a ticket, only a warning, but the price he had to pay was me laughing my head off at him, and a HUGE “I told you so” from me when he got home. Jackson apparently was great during their adventure. Jeremy said that he didn’t make a peep, just looked at the lights.

Strand of Christmas lights: $11.95
Another strand of lights because it just couldn’t wait: $11.95
Being proved right by someone in uniform: Priceless!!

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