Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The randomness that is life...

Hey ya’ll. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Years. I have been gone so long from blogging that I feel absolutely desperate to share all my randomness with everyone. For ease of reading, I will have to break things down into daily tidbits. Let’s begin, shall we?

December 20th: I got off work at noon, not a minute too soon, met some former MACOA coworkers for lunch, and had a great time catching up with everyone.

December 21st: Sent Jackson off to preschool for me to finish all my Christmas shopping with my sister, Kellyn. We had breakfast, shopped around, and I still had time to go home to finish packing to go to Mississippi for Christmas. I was on my way to get Jackson at school when I got the message that Jackson had thrown up at school. The message assured me that he was fine, and with that calming note, when Jeremy got home, we loaded the car and headed to Hattiesburg. We stopped for dinner at Wendy’s, pulled out of the parking lot, and Jackson proceeded to throw up all over his car seat. Let me just share something simple with everyone. I can handle a lot of things, but vomit is NOT one of them. I made Jeremy swap seats with me and I insisted that we go back home instead of continuing our 4 hour journey. I don’t know what we would have done had he thrown up at the halfway point. I can assure you of one thing: had we had to stay in that car for much longer I would have joined Jackson’s little throw up party. When we got home, Jackson did get sick one more time, and then we cautiously got him into bed.

December 22nd: Got up at the unholy hour of 5:00 and got ready to head to Mississippi. We were on the road by 6:30, got breakfast, and then headed to Mississippi. At 8:00 a.m., Jeremy aka “Leadfoot Wade” struck again. I was laid back in my seat, taking turns snoozing and reading, when I heard Jeremy say, “Oh man.” I sat up, and behind us was the lovely lights of a Uniontown, AL police officer. We got his insurance stuff out, handed him the license, and the whole time, our sweet little Jackson looked over at the lights and kept saying, “Bluuu, Bluuu.” He loved looking at the lights out of one window, and the cow pasture out the other. He had a great time, and the whole experience will only cost us $183.00!!!! You know, you really can’t put a price on entertaining your child!!!

We had a great time visiting with Jeremy’s family in Mississippi, and Jackson got the coolest front end loader dump truck thingie (love the name of that don’t ya) that he has ridden all around, a really cute USM wind suit, along with a bunch of other toys and clothes. Jackson loved everything!!It was a great visit, and we were so happy that Jackson got well enough for us to go.

December 23rd: We came home from Mississippi and got home in time to have our “Moore” family Christmas. We played Dirty Santa, and I think my Uncle Bill opened about 10 gifts because his kept getting stolen. It was too funny.

December 24th: I don’t think anything notable happened this day. It was too rainy to do much.

December 25th: Christmas Day!! It was still extremely rainy and yucky outside, but we had a good day. Jackson got his very own vacuum cleaner (he loved it) more toys, some puzzles, and lots of musical instruments. We had a great day with him, and we were exhausted when it was over.

December 31st: New Years Eve was spent watching Trans Siberian Orchestra perform in Birmingham, AL. Kellyn and Jason watched Jackson for us. Jeremy and I rung in the New Year with 11,000 of our closest friends and when the year changed to 2008, tons of confetti and balloons fell in the BJCC. It was great!!!

I guess that just about wraps up 2007 for us. I will post tons of pictures tomorrow, because today I have been swamped at work. I hope you had a wonderful New Year, and now it is just time to start breaking all those crummy New Years resolutions!!!

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