Friday, January 11, 2008


Hey ya'll!! I hope that you are doing great. I have just a few things to share.

1. My favorite sister in the whole world got a job and a super cute haircut. She will be working with a home health agency and she is really excited. She also got 9 inches cut off of her hair, and it is now a little longer than shoulder length and has the cutest layers. It makes her look so much older (which for both of us, has always been a struggle).

2. We are heading to Hattiesburg to go visit Jeremy 's family and also for me to get measured for my bridesmaid dress for Amy's wedding. We have 5 dresses to choose from, and so far, I have only eliminated 1 of them. So sometime between now and tomorrow, I have to figure it out. They are all gorgeous, and it is going to be so hard to choose...

3. My bp is doing better, but is still not great. I just took it again, and it was 136/92. Fair, but still not great. At least I feel better. I have a slight headache, but nothing intolerable.

4. The 6th grade girls mission class that I teach on Wednesday night is doing a mission project where we are going to be collecting new and gently used shoes of all sizes and styles to donate to a wonderful organization called Soles4Souls. They give these shoes to people who have been in disasters such as the tsunami's in Asia, Katrina, and other various disasters around the world. Their motto is, "Changing the world, one pair at a time." So far, they have contributed over 3 million pairs of shoes to over 40 countries in 5 continents. I know that I have at least 10 pairs of shoes at home that I no longer need and will be donating. We will be collecting for at least a month, and if you would like to donate some shoes, please email me at to see how you can get involved. We expect that the cost of shipping will be about 1 dollar per pair in case you just wanted to help with that. My girls are so excited, and our goal is 500 pairs of shoes! Can you help us??

Have a great weekend, and let me know if you can help our shoe drive. See ya later!

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McCrory Family said...

I can't believe Kellyn got her hair cut! Is it even more curly? I want to see a picture!! Glad to hear your BP is better. Jackson keeps getting cuter by the day!

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