Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Monday!

Hey everyone. I hope you had a good weekend. We did. On Saturday we went to the zoo with my parents and had a blast. The weather was forecasted to rain, but it turned out to be a really comfortable day with just a little drizzle. I would have posted pictures today, but I forgot my camera. Yesterday, both Jeremy and I ended up at Pri-Med on separate visits for this cough/cold/congestion crud that is going around. It turned out Jeremy had a sinus infection and I have an upper respiratory infection. How much fun is that. I have a touch of laryingitis right now, and I am praying that it goes away before Friday. That, you may remember, is when I have my ginormous conference for work.

I have a stupid confession to make. I totally showed you guys how bad my math skills were during my previous post about CWE, but none of you caught it thank goodness. I told you that we had 560 books printed with 257 pages each, and that it added up to over 14,o0o pieces of paper. Whoops. Make that over 140,000 pieces of paper. Just a minor difference.

My Mom isn't going to let me live this one down. She would probably tell you all about the time I interviewed for my last job, basically 2 part time jobs in the same company and one of them happened to be an accounting assistant. Let me just share with you one thing. Math is NOT my gift. I just don't get it. You might as well be speaking Greek to me, because it just doesn't compute. Anyways, during my interview Rick asked me how my math skills were. My response..."Great. I love math." I'm such a liar. When I told my Mom about my interview she said, "You told him what? Are you kidding me?" I got the job. Let's just say that the first few months were interesting. Now, simple math is a breeze, normally, especially when calculators are involved.

Anyways, enough of that. Today is Jeremy and my 9 year anniversary for dating. We were talking about that last night and neither of us could believe it. We were just babies when we started to date. I love him so much, and am just blessed that he is part of Jackson and my life. He is such a keeper! So in honor of Jeremy, he goes......."Happy Anniversary Baby.....I got you on my Miiiihhhhiinnnndddddd."

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Southern Fried Mom said...

In all fairness to you, I'm sure the Colonel didn't tell you why he was asking about your math skills--you big old liar liar pants on fire!

Oh, and you are totally still a baby. I started dating My Baby's Daddy like a hundred years ago. Really.

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