Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Monday..

Hey ya'll. I apologize for the slacker blogging lately. I had 2 days off from work last week, and I have been so busy trying to tie up all my loose ends from CWE. I guess I have no real excuses. I mostly just didn't feel like blogging. So anyways, here are some new updates on little man. He has been talking up a storm lately with tons of new words. He has learned to call, Buddy, Jeremy's Dad, Papa. So Papa and Jackson's favorite thing to do together is to ride around on the lawnmower and so now, whenever Jackson sees a lawnmower he says over and over, "Papa cut grass. Papa mow." It is so cute. His other new thing is to tell everything and everyone we see "bye." Here is what our car rides sound like now:

Jackson: "Bye park. Bye bus. Bye Daddy (the goodbye's are not always in a timely fashion. We had left home about 3 minutes before this.) Bye Mow. Bye Mama."
Jackson also has fallen in love with our dog. She however, is not so much in love with him. She more or less tolerates him. Here is Jackson with Macy:
And it finally happened: Jackson fell asleep in his high chair. He was conked after playing at school all day and during supper I caught him dozing. We were heading outside to try and plant our garden after supper so we had to lay him down outside. Still sleeping. It didn't last long. The rain chased us back inside after about 2 minutes and he was so stinking cranky after that.
On Saturday I was heading to the zoo for a Mother's Day treat with my parents and Jackson decided to help me feed "My Mace." He is such a big help. Take a look!

Scooping the food...

completely missing the bowl....

then trying to help me pick up. Too cute! I couldn't help but laugh.

The zoo with Tata and me

Jackson and Nana

Jackson playing in his new swimsuit in the backyard. Check out that belly!

His new Elmo sprinkler

Jackson and my Mother's Day photo. Isn't he so cute!

We can't forget Daddy now. Aren't they so handsome!

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom (Nana) and my mother-in-law (Gigi), as well as our Grandmothers. You are such strong women and have been a great example to your families. Thanks for everything. We love you!

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