Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New pics of little man

Allison and me at the game on Friday night. We had so much fun!

Allison and Jason

Allison's B'day cake

Jackson at the park with Allison's boys. They had a blast!

Jackson loves to swing from the slide.

Jackson on the slide. He loved it!

My little monkey

Jackson in the tunnel

Jackson and Jeremy

Jackson and Zachary

Three's Company!

Jackson with Nana and Jeremy

He is a mess!

Jason, Allison, Me, Jeremy, Chase, Jackson, and Zachary.

1 random thoughts:

The Jones' said...

So great to see pictures of Allison. She looks great...cannot believe someone I taught Sunday School to is a mom to 3 boys! Love your new blog look. Tried to copy you but I could not figure it out...you said it was easy... : )Anyway, I will do something different soon. Tell everyone hi. Love reading your stories and seeing "Baby Jackson" as Mary Garner still calls him!

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