Monday, May 19, 2008

So much to say....

First of all, our weekend was great with Allison. I loved meeting Allison's newest little one, Eli, and it was great seeing her other boys again. We went to a baseball game on Friday night, and after the game was over they had a great fireworks show. Allison's husband, Jason, won the comment of the night when he leaned over during the fireworks show and said, "Hey..this sounds just like Iraq." We had a birthday party for Allison on Saturday, and then we grilled out on Sunday. It was a super busy weekend, but it was wonderful seeing Allison again.

I have a few other things to share: First of all, Jackson's photo session went great on Saturday. We were really surprised because we had spent the entire morning at Primed for what we thought was croup, but it turned out to be a slight case of bronchitis. Jackson took a really short nap, and we just knew that he was going to be a pistol during the pictures, but he did fine. Jackson is doing much better now, but we have been doing breathing treatments all weekend long.

Also on Saturday, while over at my parents, my Dad came inside and said that my car had gotten hit. Let me say one thing before I begin my story. My parents live on a dead end road. that has a decent sized hill as you come down the street. It turns out that a little boy was riding his bike down the hill with his brother and friend and he must have looked back as he was riding, because he slammed into the back of my (parked) van. I had a pretty good head/shoulder size dent in my car, and the little boy had his nose busted and his front tooth chipped really bad. I'm not worried about my car, although it does stink to have to have it repaired, but I am concerned about the little boy. Please say a prayer for him.

And..(Drum Roll please) guess who has gone tee-tee on the potty 4 times now!!!! You got it! Little man!!! Jackson has been acting really interested in the potty lately, and you can watch him during bathtime as he tries his hardest to potty in the bathtub. So, Saturday night before bathtime, we just stripped him down and stood him on the rim of the toilet. Bingo!!! We had immediate success. He has since gone 3 more times and we have just praised him so much. I am so proud of him. We are taking it really slow, but I don't think it's going to take long for him to figure this stuff out. I'll post pictures of my little monkey later. Have a great day!

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