Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Borrowers

I stumbled onto a new show last night after church, and I just had to share with ya'll what a hoot it was. The show is The Baby Borrowers and it comes on NBC. It is basically 5 teen couples that feel that they are responsible enough to have children, so they are put to the test. I am ashamed to say that one of these couples goes to Auburn University. One of the other couples is a surfer/skateboarding couple. These teens think they would make "cool" parents because they "get" kids today. Yeah, that's what kids today need...more "cool" parents.

These teens are placed in homes with their significant other, and then each couple is given a baby between 6-11 months old to take care of 24/7 for 3 days. A legitimate nanny is in the house with them at all times to ensure the child's safety, although they can't assist the "parents" unless the child's welfare is in danger. The actual parents are observing via security camera from a house just a short distance away and can intervene at any time (and they do).

Let me just say how hilarious this was to watch. You basically have these teens who are trying to start a family because they feel they would be great parents. This show is going to turn out to be the best form of birth control they will ever use.

The actual parents drop off these 5 precious children who are dressed oh, so cute, into the arms of these teens who gaze adoringly at them and say how cute they are. Then reality hit: we have teething issues, diarrhea, vomit (which was hilarious to watch the teen mother start gagging), refusing to eat, crying, not sleeping, and that was just the first 24 hours. These new parents are beside themselves, and they still have 2 more days before the babies go home, then the toddlers arrive.

I have a toddler, so I feel fully qualified to say what I'm about to say: These teens aren't gonna know what hit them whent those toddlers arrive on the scene. I have two words for them: reverse psychology.

In the 2 parental interventions that I saw, both of the teen mothers ended up in tears. One mother intervened because her replacement basically wasn't making the child eat. The teen was basically a witch about it, and commented that she just wasn't going to deal with "this" (referring to parenthood) anymore. Real mature. The other mother interved because the teen dad kept referring to her daughter as an "It." He basically said, "Since IT is going to cry all night, just put IT in the other room and let it cry, and we can get some sleep." As if!!!! If that baby is crying, honey, neither one of you are going to be getting any sleep. Welcome to Parenthood!!!

This show should prove more than entertaining for the rest of the summer. I highly recommend...
Welcome to Parenthood Ya'll!!!!

4 random thoughts:

The Sapersteins said...

chris and i love the show! we could not stop watching last nigth. great

Staci said...

oh my gosh! I've seen the previews and have been looking forward to watching... I'm upset I missed it! I need to check if they have full episodes online! Can't wait to see... even though I'm not a parent I feel it will be good birth control! :)

Graham Shenanigans said...

i heard about it but haven't seen it yet. I will plan on watching next Sunday night!

CHELLE said...

Okay so i got caught up last night on the 2nd of July, they re-ran the first episode before they played the new one. Oh my gosh!! Excellent show, I can tell you (me not having kids yet, and me also knowing that i am not ready for kids) ~ found it to be AWESOME BIRTH CONTROL!!!!

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