Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Your Lucky Day! Free Advice Friday and a Meme all in one day!!

Free Advice Friday

The Rules of Flip Flops!

I love flip flops in the summer. I have about 15 pairs of Old Navy in just about every color you can think of. You can't have too many 2 for $5 shoes in my opinion. Here are my basic rules for flip flopping in the summer. They are pretty simple, but pay close attention.

1. Under no circumstance do you wear flip flops with socks. Never. Under. Any. Circumstance.

2. Keep your nails trimmed and polished. It doesn't take much effort. Really. This does pertain to guys too, minus the polish part.

3. This was brought to my attention as the pet peeve of one of my friends. Pay close attention. If your feet are a tad too big for your flip flops, and they tend to "sausage" over your shoes, you may not need to be wearing foot exposing shoes. Either that, or buy bigger shoes. I hate to hurt feelings out there in blog world, but it is just a basic fashion no-no.

4. Do not ever say anything about feet to the pregnant lady you see wearing flip flops anywhere in public, even if you deem it a not-appropriate place to wear flip flops. Chances are she is wearing them because nothing else will slide on anymore. She really doesn't need attention drawn to her swelling lower limbs. She is fully aware of them. Thanks!

5. That being said, if you get the chance to meet the President at the White House, don't wear flip flops during your photo op. It just doesn't look real classy.

With those basic rules, you should be well on your way to enjoying flip flops this summer. If you have any questions about the rules, please email me at and I would be happy to clarify.

Now on to today's Meme!
What is the worst meal you ever had?
I have to give the honor to one of my Dad's creations on this one. He read on the back of a package of rice about some Orange Juice Rice combination. Yes, you read that correctly. Orange juice and rice. It was a disaster, and we have yet to let him live it down.

Name one place you could vacation every year?
The beach and the mountains. I love them both.

5 things that drive you crazy?
1. Jackson has been really whiney for the last 2 days. It gets old fast. He knows his words...
2. People talking during the movies. Or making out during the movies. Believe it or not I didn't pay $10 to hear your conversation. I am so that person that will turn around and ask them to shut their trap. Nicely of course. Sometimes.
3. When a cashier says, "I'll take the next customer in isle 2!" and the nice person behind you jumps over there and gets in line first. RUDE!
4. When I am filling my car up at the gas station, and I pay at the pump, and then I have to walk inside to get my receipt because the person who works at the gas station is too lazy to walk outside and refill the tape register. Ugh. I have gotten a touch ugly about this one before.
5. The fact that gas station pumps now cut off at $50 when you are filling up. I know it is a credit card/debit card issue, but seriously folks, $50 doesn't even come close these days. Get with it!

Name 3 people from your past that make you stop and think, “Hey, I wonder what ever happened to…”
I'm gonna decline on this one. I try not to question the past too much for obvious reasons. Let's just move on.

Kids' TV show you might actually enjoy more than your kids do?
Hi-5 on TLC, and Ready, Set, Learn on TLC, My Little Ponies, & Care Bears.

5 Worst movies you’ve ever seen?
1. Old Yeller (no explanation needed)
2. It's a Wonderful Life
3. Groundhog Day (I saw it in the theater and I seriously thought I was going to come unglued)
4. My Best Friend's Wedding. The ending just ruined that movie for me.
5. Any Star Wars or Star Trek movie. Hate if you want, but they are just not for me.

Most under-rated TV show you watch regularly?
Jon and Kate + 8

Most popular TV show you never watch? Grey’s Anatomy. I feel totally out of it, but it seems too late to start watching now.

Celebrity whose looks you’d like to have?
Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts

Celeb you can’t stand?
Brad Pitt and that homewrecker Angelina Jolie, Kathy Griffin, and Tom Cruise

What did you do today?
Sent resumes out for my work, get other random work done, and check my email obsessively.

Who are you tagging?
Miranda, Heather, Staci, Leigh, and Ashley, and whoever else wants to play!! Just let me know when you do.

Have a great weekend, and I'm sure I'll have at least one fun tale from my 10 year reunion to share with you next week. Bye ya'll!!!

1 random thoughts:

Staci said...

1. if your feet do look too bad... there's always the ped-egg... Heather has a good blog about that one.
2. I totally agree about the gas station paper being low! How long does it really take to change it?
3. It's never too late to catch up on Greys! A great lazy weekend idea... if you get those anymore with Jackson :)

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