Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Randomness

Here are some random pictures of our reunion from this past weekend. I hope you enjoy!

Jackson in the inflatable kid trap at the picnic on Saturday

He quickly learned to love this thing!

We had to get out when the big kids got in. I thought they were going to run him over. He didn't seem to mind though!

Laughing his little head off!

Leslie, Mike, T.R., Kasey, Me, and Jeremy at the reunion
(All Glynwood folks!)

Jennifer, Me, and Heather

This is how the bar looked the entire evening!

Leslie from church. She only has a few more weeks before Maddie arrives!

Lindsey and Jason Canada

Leigh Ann, Leslie, me, and Heather

Jackson before church

Me and Little Man

Jeremy is also really proud that Jackson can now identify Tiger Woods on sight. It is hilarious. After watching the U.S. Open all weekend, Jackson got really good at saying Tiger Woods' name, and we are working on what Tiger Woods' says (YESSSS with a fist pump in case you were curious). This is in comparision to what a Tiger says (GGGRRRR). Jeremy can't wait to take Jackson out golfing with him, and I would imagine that they both will really enjoy golf together. Jackson already knows the words golf, golfball, and club, and he can even throw his club when he gets mad :)

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