Monday, June 02, 2008

VBS and Little Man

Okay. In all seriousness, one day Jackson is going to beg me to take these off my blog, but for right now, they are just too cute to not post. As we have previously reported, he is beginning to show alot of interest in potty training. We bought him a potty chair, and this is what he wants to do all the time now...
All we hear now when we walk into our bathroom is "Sit. Potty. Book."
I promise that these are not staged photos. Isn't that hilarious!!!
Okay. I freely admit that my family is part of the VBS Decorating Cartel. We go all out! It usually takes about 2 weeks for some of our best work, but we only gave it 1 week this year. It was a push to get everything done. Here are some pictures of the room Kellyn and I did for our VBS class this year. Our theme is Outrigger Island, and we are teaching 3rd and 4th graders. Because we have 3 classes in the same age category we had to give our classes Hawaiian names so the kids know which room they are in. We are the Hala Kahiki class, or the Pineapples. We love our room, and even though it took forever to put it all together, it was totally worth it. Enjoy the pics, and I will do my best to post pictures of the Queen of the Cartel's (aka my Mom) VBS room tomorrow. It is amazing!!!
The Pineapple Queen's (It's really just me and my sister Kellyn)
Is it totally obvious whose pineapples are bigger???
Some of the girls in our class
The sign on the wall says "Welcome Pineapples"
Custom drawn surfboards by JAK Enterprises (Jason, Amy, and Kellyn)
Admit, Believe, and Confess Volcano.
Isn't it cool!! Kellyn freehanded it, and Jeremy and I did the painting.
Me trying to prepare for the lesson with Jackson in tow.
Jackson is in the 2-3 year old class at VBS, even though he is not quite 2 yet. He made it all the way until crafts last night before he just wore out and his Daddy took him home.

Jackson with his teacher, Mrs. Debbie

Stay tuned for more from Outrigger Island!!!

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The Sapersteins said...

Your room lookes great! you guys did so good on it! Hope you're having a fun VBS week! The pictures are too cute

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