Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Just Saying...

If someone works at a fast food restaurant that happens to sell seafood, something along the lines of Captain D's, one might think that included in your orientation would be the correct pronunciation of the items on your menu. For instance today at lunch:

Me: "I would like to order a kid's shrimp with a side of broccoli and a small sweet tea."
Cashier (over her shoulder to the kitchen): "I need a skrimp and a broccoli."
Skrimp. It seriously grates on my last nerve when I hear people say the word "skrimp". Say it with me people, "SSHHHHHHRRRIIIMMMMPPPP!"

There is no "K" sound in the word shrimp. S-H-R-I-M-P.

See. What that really that difficult?

A Boy and his "Piwwoh"

Jackson has entered a new phase in his sweet life where he is starting to attach people with things. For instance, if you show him Jeremy's pillow, he says, "That's Daddy's piwwoh." It is really cute. Now, he has started making a special request before bedtime: he want's Daddy's pillow. And my blanket.

We kinda fooled him with the pillow request because we just grabbed a blue pillow off our guest bed, and he was happy, but there is no fooling this kid when it comes to Mommy's blanket. He will accept no imitations! That's great for him, but I really miss my blanket. It was the perfect size for me, and I guess that is just too bad for me, cause little man has laid claim to it! Here's proof!!!
Jackson behind bars!
Jackson with Daddy's "piwwoh" and Mommy's blanket. He's such a cute little stinker!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our little man

Isn't he a cutie!
He loves saying, "Cheese!"

Check out those pearly whites!

Jackson loves to "read" our church directory. Amazingly enough, he can identify tons of people at church, based on their pictures from almost 2 years ago.

Brushing his teeth

I have no idea what he is concentrating on here. He looks rather intent on something..

Jackson loving on Macy

His "pouty" face

I got busted!!

I promise I wasn't doing anything wrong!!

Me and Macy are bestest friends...

Bloggy Giveaways

I wanted to tell you all that it is time for the quarterly bloggy giveaways carnival over. Go visit for the chance to win just tons of fun stuff!

And please go visit, "She Just Had to Say It." for a great Aveda product giveaway! She is hilarious btw...I have just recently found her, and let me just say, she is too funny!

Have a great day. I will post stuff on little man later. Bye ya'll!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Is it really that time of year already?

Today on my ride to work I spotted a red truck with a bumper sticker that said:

My other car is a sleigh

Driving the car was Santa Claus. In July. In the blazing hot South. Has he lost his mind?
With my adventure yesterday, I can only imagine who I'm gonna see next! I'm aiming for the Pope or the Dalai Lama. That would be fun!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's Lunch Special

I dropped into Captain D's for a quick lunch today. I placed my order and then headed to the little table where they have the ketchup and cocktail sauce and then I went to throw my straw paper away. Imagine my surprise as I am just minding my own business by the trash can when I almost ran into an honest to goodness female impersonator.

Picture in your mind one of those movie scenes when someones gaze starts down at a person's feet, and then slowly keeps rising until you are looking someone in the face. That was exactly what I did! This he/she went one forever!!! She, and I use that term VERY loosely, was at least 6 feet tall and had the biggest feet you could imagine. Although she was wearing normal clothes, if you consider that she was actually a he, and not too much makeup, I'm sorry to say that she wasn't fooling anyone. She was obviously a man. Something just stuck out about her :)

THEN (as if that isn't enough) right before I left I saw a guy that looked exactly like Stanley Zbornack off of the Golden Girls. You know, Dorothy's ex-husband. He was also the character whose therapist made him walk around with a monkey. Too funny!

I really miss the Golden Girls. That was a great show. I was sad when I heard about Estelle Getty passing away this week. She was a classic character, and although I watched the Golden Girls for years, I have never been able to figure out who was my favorite character. That my friends, is the mark of an excellent show, when you love all the characters. Even the goofballs like Stanley.

Some things you just don't expect to see in the heart of the Deep South (unless you are in New Orleans), and a female impersonator and Stanley Zbornack rank right up there. So all in all, I had a very unusual lunch, and left Captain D's just dying to get back here and tell all about it. Have a great day. Bye ya'll!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Jackson talking on the phone to one of his fans!

Isn't he cute!

What do you think Mommy will do if I throw these noodle thingy's?

If I can't see you, then you can't see me!

Jackson said, "I go hide."

He stood absolutely still for about 1 minute "hiding" from me!

Before school on Monday. Check out that cowlick!!

His hair would NOT lay down.

Jackson and Daddy

Jackson and Daddy being silly!

Monday, July 21, 2008

And so it begins...

Well, well, well…as my sister put it, we may have hit the terrible two’s with our little man.

Let me tell you a little hypothetical story, that may be, well, not so hypothetical. Let me take you back to last night. Time and place: my bathroom, 7:00 p.m.

Jackson loves taking a bath. He splashes, plays with his tub toys, and he pees. I realized that Jackson was beginning to associate the tub with pottying when he would point to the tub and say, “I go take a bath. I go potty.” In the tub…my tub…my garden tub. Me liketh that not so much. You see, Jackson is very stubborn, but unfortunately for him, so am I. I have established a firm rule that his cute little butt will not get into the bathtub until he goes to the bathroom (in the potty), no matter how long that takes. After a few days of this, he has just about come to expect it, and in all reality, the battle of the wills usually only lasts about 1 minute.

So, last night I was about to head to Wal-Mart when Jeremy asked me to give Jackson his bath before I left. That was fine. I happily got Jackson undressed, turned the water on, and asked him to go potty. He walked over to the step-stool, hopped up, and after about 30 seconds, he said, “I want to get in bathtub. I go potty,” and then he jumped down off the step stool.

I told him that he had to go potty before getting into the tub at which point he proceeded to squat down, look over his shoulder directly at me, and go to the bathroom on my carpet! I couldn’t believe it!! He quickly got a light spanking, which made him so mad that he started wailing, at which point he dropped his “dat” into the toilet. I fished it out, and poor Jackson had to watch me throw it into the trash, so all you hear from Jackson now is, “I want dat. I want dat. I go potty. I go bathtub.” It was rather sad. After he quit crying, all of 20 seconds later, he hopped up on the step-stool, did his business, and then asked to get in the tub. What an angel!!
So to summarize, in the course of about 2 ½ minutes Jackson:
  1. Refused to potty
  2. Changed his mind and went on my bathroom rug
  3. Got a spanking
  4. Got mad
  5. Dropped his precious “dat” in the toilet
  6. Watched his Mommy fish “dat” out and proceed to throw “dat” away
  7. Pitched a fit
  8. Quit crying
  9. Went to the potty
  10. And got in the tub!

Whew….this parenting stuff will wear you out!!!

In all seriousness, Jackson is a precious child, and although we are just beginning our adventures in parenting a true toddler, I can’t wait to look back on all these funny things and just laugh and marvel at how much he has changed, and will be changing in the near future. Who knows what might be next, but I can’t wait to see what else Jackson has in store for us!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

In case you ever wondered...

A Rada knife will easily slice open the tip of your thumb if you are not paying attention when you are cutting up a Bell Pepper. Just so you know...

Friday, July 18, 2008

What would you do?

Yesterday on the drive home from work I stopped at a traffic light and looked around at the cars stopped around me. Right to my left was a black Trailblazer with 2 females in the front seat. Sitting in the lap of the passenger was a child, probably about 3 years old, completely unrestrained.

What would you do?

I sat there talking to Jeremy about the situation (our traffic lights are mercilessly long), and after about a minute, I made up my mind. I had watched this child sitting in, I presume, her mother's lap and pitching a fit. Granted, I don't know what had upset this child. Perhaps she had just had her shots and was upset, maybe she was sick, maybe she is just a child who gets her way, or maybe this is the norm for her family. Whatever the excuse might be, it does not warrant that child being unrestrained in a moving car. No excuses!!!

Seriously, in 2008, did I just witness a parent being that lackadaisical with their precious child's life that they would drive around with no protection around their child? How stupid are you? Do you realize what a car wreck going 50-60 mph will do to your child? I can't imagine my precious Jackson flying through a car windshield because I didn't care enough to be a responsible parent and do the right thing and buckle his cute little butt in.

I know that more than likely, this is not the first time that child has been unbuckled in a car. I'm not stupid. But with all the research that shows how beneficial child car seats are, do you just not care?

What did I do? I called the police.

Some of you may think that is "tattling" on someone, but I got the tag number of the car and called the police department. I have no idea if they actually got caught yesterday or not, but I couldn't have handled it if I had heard on the 10:00 news last night about an fatal accident involving a black trailblazer and that a young child had lost their life because they flew though the windshield, and I had seen them, and not done anything. At least I can say I tried...

So I ask, what would you do?

These times...they are a changing!!!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Splish, Splash, I was taking a bath...

So last night during bath time, I got Jackson settled into the tub, toys out, and bubbles in, and decided that I needed to get a few pictures of Jackson. It's been awhile since I made some future blackmail shots, so I ran into the kitchen to grab my camera. Please don’t fuss…it was only 5 seconds that I was gone. When I got back, this is what I found.

Where did Jackson go?

My little monkey had taken the 5 seconds that I was gone to get out of the tub and drip water all over my bathroom and bedroom. He was so cute though that there was no way I could fuss at him. Who could…

So that's what bubbles taste like....Yuck!

Splish splash!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In case you ever wondered...

A Tide-To-Go pen will NOT remove spots of spaghetti sauce from a blue t-shirt. Just so you know...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is it really Monday already?

We had a good visit with the Wade's this weekend, and on Saturday, we all headed over to Auburn to see Mimi and Adam and have lunch with them. Amy's apartment is so cute, and she made some wonderful spaghetti for lunch. We had a really good time visiting with them, and then on Saturday afternoon Gigi and Papa watched Jackson while Jeremy and I went to go see Indiana Jones. It was great by the way.

Jackson is 23 months old today. I can't believe it. I ordered all his birthday supplies today and I can't wait to order the cake. We are having a construction theme. My little man is growing and changing so much. He consistantly talks in 4 word sentences, has an awesome sense of humor, and has a memory like an elephant. His new words include: hippo, kangaroo, alagator, cruise ship, motor bike, barracade, cone, dump truck, thank you, excuse me, sorry, wuv you, birthday party, cupcake, ice cream, and so many more. He is getting really good at stringing words together now, and I would say that his vocabulary is well over 200 words. He is so smart! Her are some pictures from this weekend. Enjoy the pics, and have a great day. Bye ya'll!
Outta the way folks...I've got places to go and diapers to fill.

Adam, Jackson, and Mimi

Hey Papa...Watch this!!!

I didn't think that was where your funny bone was...

Let's try this out on Daddy now.

I'm busy more pictures now please!

Goodbye Kisses

Papa, Jackson, and Gigi

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's Your Limit?

Okay folks, before I start today's tale, I want you to know upfront that I would love your opinions (read: Please, leave me some comments!!) on the following situation.

Here goes....

The Wade crew went out to eat a few nights ago to a popular chain restaurant that has free kids meals every night. The restaurant shall remain nameless, but for the purpose of this story, we will just call the restaurant "Doh'Farleys."

While at Doh'Farleys, Jeremy ordered some pasta dish, Jackson got a corn dog, and I ordered a combo meal with a salad, baked potato, and chicken tenders/a side of steak cooked medium well.

That really makes me sound piggish...

Anyways, the salad came out and was great. Then my meal came out. While our waitress was standing there I went ahead and cut into my steak. The word "mooing" comes to mind. I was frantically trying to move my potato and chicken out of the way of the pool of blood that was now seeping across my plate. Ugh. Disgusting!! Our waitress (who was wonderful) immediately took the steak back to the kitchen, and I immediately began thinking about how quickly someone was about to spit into my food for sending it back. As I was waiting, I begin to eat some of my other food. My potato was so overcooked that the outside was hard. I was able to scrap out some of the inside, but there was no way that I was going to say anything about that, because I was not about to send 2 items back into the kitchen. That's simply not gonna happen.

5 minutes later....

The steak comes back out with out sweet waitress. Once again, blood pours out. She is apologizing constantly and after I reassure here that I was not upset with her (read: "Sweetie, you will still get your tip!") she took it back into the kitchen again with the promise that if it came out overcooked that they would cook me another one.

10 minutes later...

I'm not really hungry anymore (but since when has that stopped me) because of my bread, salad, chicken, and potato, Jeremy and Jackson are done eating, and my steak appears once again. It is now black. I don't dare risk complaining because I don't want someone grinding their shoe into my future cut of meat. I cut into the meat, and the inside is a sickly gray color. I try to choke down one bite, and I immediately have to spit it out. It is awful! Jeremy gives it a try, and he can't get eat it either. We get our waitresses attention and politely ask her to take the cost of the steak off our bill. She apologizes profusely (it is still not her fault) and the manager comes over to our table. He offers to cut the cost of my meal in half, and I guess after he saw the shocked look on my face, he ended up comping my entire meal which is exactly what he should have offered to do from the beginning. Had he not, there would have been a not so nice email being sent to to detail my oh so pleasant experience. But, since he took care of everything, no email shall be sent. I shall just blog about it instead.

All that to say, at what point do you send something back to the kitchen, and when do you not worry about it? I would love to get ya'lls opinion. Have a great Thursday! Bye ya'll!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New pictures of little man

My cutie before church on Sunday

Me and Jackson

I seriously need some lipstick in this one...

Jackson has found his new favorite toy: the flashlight

He is so stinking cute...

T.J., an English Mastiff at the 4th of July fireworks show.

He was such a gentle giant that only weighed 225lbs.

T.J.'s foot compared with my foot. Isn't that amazing!

Jeremy, Jackson, and me with a police motorcycle. Jackson refused to sit on it.

We ran into Jackson's teacher, Mrs. Lindsay, at the show. She is so sweet!

Jeremy and Jackson

My little monkey man

Nana and Jackson

Nana, Jackson, and Ta Ta

Me and Jackson (again..)

It was hot!

Isn't he so cute!

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