Monday, July 07, 2008

Did I really forget my camera today???

Hey ya'll. I hope you had a terrific 4th of July. I spent the day with my family, swimming, eating way too much, and enjoying the fireworks display at our local football stadium. We had a blast, and Jackson loved the fireworks. Even on Saturday he would say, "I saw fireworks." When asked what fireworks say, he would say, "They say boom. Boom, boom, boom." He also told me that it was dark, and that he sat with Dace (Jason), KK, Ta Ta, Daddy, and Mommy.

He is one smart cookie!!!

Jackson has also fallen in love with swimming, which is so exciting for me. He is a mess with his floaties on. Let me tell you on thing about my little man, he definitely inherited is lack of floating ability from both of his grandfathers. His little legs sink straight down when he tries to kick or float. It is too funny. He saw a commercial for a local water park on tv, and kept saying, "I wanna go swimming!" I love it!

I will post pictures and video tomorrow of this weekend. I hope you have a terrific Monday. Bye ya'll!!!

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Jeremy Wade said...

We both have feet made of lead when it comes to swimming. They sink instead of float.

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