Friday, July 25, 2008

Is it really that time of year already?

Today on my ride to work I spotted a red truck with a bumper sticker that said:

My other car is a sleigh

Driving the car was Santa Claus. In July. In the blazing hot South. Has he lost his mind?
With my adventure yesterday, I can only imagine who I'm gonna see next! I'm aiming for the Pope or the Dalai Lama. That would be fun!

Merry Christmas!

4 random thoughts:

Kellyn said...

You see and have a lot of random things happen to you...why are you so lucky like that?

Graham Shenanigans said...

That's too funny. I have started thinking about sewing for Christmas already. Maybe Santa was coming to see me to give some inspiring ideas!! LOL

CHELLE said...

Wow. I need to start hanging out with you!!!

You seem to being seeing/meeting a lot of people lately

Maestra Jen said...

How random, but fun! I hope I see someone exciting like that soon. :)

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