Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New pictures of little man

My cutie before church on Sunday

Me and Jackson

I seriously need some lipstick in this one...

Jackson has found his new favorite toy: the flashlight

He is so stinking cute...

T.J., an English Mastiff at the 4th of July fireworks show.

He was such a gentle giant that only weighed 225lbs.

T.J.'s foot compared with my foot. Isn't that amazing!

Jeremy, Jackson, and me with a police motorcycle. Jackson refused to sit on it.

We ran into Jackson's teacher, Mrs. Lindsay, at the show. She is so sweet!

Jeremy and Jackson

My little monkey man

Nana and Jackson

Nana, Jackson, and Ta Ta

Me and Jackson (again..)

It was hot!

Isn't he so cute!

3 random thoughts:

CHELLE said...

oh my gosh he is getting so big Amy!!! And he is adorable!!! Jack Brown asked me today if Tom (your dad) was having the time of his life playing with his grandson...

Graham Shenanigans said...

Amy, he has grown faster than any baby at church. We were talking about that on Sunday. It seems like he didn't stay a baby six weeks. Now he's a little man!! Handsome as can be!!

Kellyn said...

I LOVE the first picture of him...can I get a copy of that for the fridge? He is so stinkin' cute and handsome. Tell him KK says she loves him!

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