Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's Lunch Special

I dropped into Captain D's for a quick lunch today. I placed my order and then headed to the little table where they have the ketchup and cocktail sauce and then I went to throw my straw paper away. Imagine my surprise as I am just minding my own business by the trash can when I almost ran into an honest to goodness female impersonator.

Picture in your mind one of those movie scenes when someones gaze starts down at a person's feet, and then slowly keeps rising until you are looking someone in the face. That was exactly what I did! This he/she went one forever!!! She, and I use that term VERY loosely, was at least 6 feet tall and had the biggest feet you could imagine. Although she was wearing normal clothes, if you consider that she was actually a he, and not too much makeup, I'm sorry to say that she wasn't fooling anyone. She was obviously a man. Something just stuck out about her :)

THEN (as if that isn't enough) right before I left I saw a guy that looked exactly like Stanley Zbornack off of the Golden Girls. You know, Dorothy's ex-husband. He was also the character whose therapist made him walk around with a monkey. Too funny!

I really miss the Golden Girls. That was a great show. I was sad when I heard about Estelle Getty passing away this week. She was a classic character, and although I watched the Golden Girls for years, I have never been able to figure out who was my favorite character. That my friends, is the mark of an excellent show, when you love all the characters. Even the goofballs like Stanley.

Some things you just don't expect to see in the heart of the Deep South (unless you are in New Orleans), and a female impersonator and Stanley Zbornack rank right up there. So all in all, I had a very unusual lunch, and left Captain D's just dying to get back here and tell all about it. Have a great day. Bye ya'll!

4 random thoughts:

Staci said...

The Golden Girls are my favorite!!

Graham Shenanigans said...

What? i think he/she/it used to work at

CHELLE said...

oh my that sounds like an awesome time!!!

golden girls is one of my top favs

Southern Fried Mom said...

Just so I have a point of reference....which Capt. D's were you in?

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