Friday, July 18, 2008

What would you do?

Yesterday on the drive home from work I stopped at a traffic light and looked around at the cars stopped around me. Right to my left was a black Trailblazer with 2 females in the front seat. Sitting in the lap of the passenger was a child, probably about 3 years old, completely unrestrained.

What would you do?

I sat there talking to Jeremy about the situation (our traffic lights are mercilessly long), and after about a minute, I made up my mind. I had watched this child sitting in, I presume, her mother's lap and pitching a fit. Granted, I don't know what had upset this child. Perhaps she had just had her shots and was upset, maybe she was sick, maybe she is just a child who gets her way, or maybe this is the norm for her family. Whatever the excuse might be, it does not warrant that child being unrestrained in a moving car. No excuses!!!

Seriously, in 2008, did I just witness a parent being that lackadaisical with their precious child's life that they would drive around with no protection around their child? How stupid are you? Do you realize what a car wreck going 50-60 mph will do to your child? I can't imagine my precious Jackson flying through a car windshield because I didn't care enough to be a responsible parent and do the right thing and buckle his cute little butt in.

I know that more than likely, this is not the first time that child has been unbuckled in a car. I'm not stupid. But with all the research that shows how beneficial child car seats are, do you just not care?

What did I do? I called the police.

Some of you may think that is "tattling" on someone, but I got the tag number of the car and called the police department. I have no idea if they actually got caught yesterday or not, but I couldn't have handled it if I had heard on the 10:00 news last night about an fatal accident involving a black trailblazer and that a young child had lost their life because they flew though the windshield, and I had seen them, and not done anything. At least I can say I tried...

So I ask, what would you do?

3 random thoughts:

Mom said...

You get the cookie!

The Sapersteins said...

i've been in that situation before, however i do not have a cell phone to call the police. i get so mad when i see kids in the backseats or front seats with no belts on whatsoever. we saw three children ALL under the age of 5 and probably over 2 and none had their seat belts on the mom was texting and weaving all over the road, i had to speed up to pass her, in fear she would hit me! i think you did right by calling the police. who cares if it is could have saved that little girls life!

Jeni said...

Yes, I'm a tattler too. I actually put the non-emergency numbers of the police dept in my cell phone for situations just as these. Today I was leaving our park that has a playground and a giant fountain that kids can play in. There a giant circle in front of the fountain with great big "NO PARKING" "EMERGENCY VEHICLES ONLY" stamped all over the ground. Only, you couldn't see that for all the STUPID CARS that were parked there. An emergency vehicle could not have made it's way if it had too. So, I called the police and asked if an officer could go out there and ask all those LAZY-A** people to move their cars. There were plenty of parking spots in the lot, but it wasn't shaded and a further walk. Americans are so lazy, it's incredible. I would just hate for my child to get hurt playing in that fountain and for them to have to have the emergency vehicles park in Timbucktoo b/c people wanted to save themselves fifty steps and have a little shade for their car. And, did you know if AL it's a $375 fine for not having your child properly restrained? I hope that lady got a good finger-waving lecture and a fine. If parents don't have sense enough to protect their kids, there's laws that do. Good for you, Amy girl!

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