Friday, August 01, 2008

Back to Doh'Farley's

After our last disastrous trip to Doh'Farley's, and following most of the advice we received, I ended up contacting doh' and complaining about the service. Within a week, we had received a $10 gift certificate to the restaurant. We decided to use it last night. This is the true adventure in parenting that occurred as a result.

We got there about 6:00 and immediately got seated. Our waitress, Kimberly, told us that their appetizers were 1/2 price, so we decided to order an appetizer that is basically homemade potato chips with spicy buffalo sauce and blue cheese crumbles, only we got them to put cheese sauce and bacon bits on it instead. I'm not so much a fan of buffalo sauce. I rather enjoy tasting my food. So Jeremy asked for a small side of buffalo sauce.

Let me preface the rest of this story with this: Jackson LOVES salsa. He literally licks it off the chips whenever we go to Mexican restaurants.

Jackson was enjoying his chips and bread, and before we could stop him, he literally dunked his bread into the buffalo sauce and stuck the whole piece in his mouth. Disaster. Oh the wails. The tears. The gnashing of teeth (mine not Jackson's). Poor Jackson could not get that spicy buffalo sauce taste out of his mouth. He was literally wailing!

Oh, you gotta love the stares of fellow customers.

It really amazes me how you cannot convince a toddler that when you eat something hot or spicy, taking a sip of water will help. Oh no. You cannot reason with a toddler, especially one in a crisis situation. Jeremy was about to die, because he was the one sitting right beside Jackson, and therefore, he was more responsible for the situation than I was :)

Finally, we got Jackson calmed down and distracted, finished our meal and were waiting on the ticket when a really nice old man came over to our table. He looked at Jackson and then said, "Is he okay now? We heard him crying from wayyyy back there. He wasn't happy."

Ya think? Thanks for noticing. Have a nice day.

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