Tuesday, August 26, 2008


On our way to lunch at the Shrimp Basket Jeremy and I had a very interesting conversation.

Jeremy: "You know that I love spending time with you and Jackson right?"
Me: "Yes."
Jeremy: "I just wanted to tell you that I don't really care for sand."
Me: "But that is what the beach is all about."
Jeremy: "I know, and I love watching Jackson play in the sand, I just don't so much care for it getting on me. I just wish it was more powdery. "
Me: "Jer, these beaches are powdery. They are just kinda wet from all the rain. People come from all over to these beaches. These are the best beaches in the world."
Jeremy: "Then why don't they feel like it?"

People...I got nothing.

3 random thoughts:

McCrory Family said...

Hahaha! Sounds just like Russell. He can't stand the beach but sticks it out for us girls! What good men we have :)

Miranda said...

You guys NEED to try "The Track" when the weather is good...I'm sure Jeremy and Jackson will both love it, you might want to look it up online and make sure Jackson can ride the regular go carts with an adult.
Just google "The Track Gulf Shores AL". Are you guys going to try the indoor golf course you mentioned?

The Jones' said...

Jeremy cracks me up! I am so jealous of yall. First, for being at the beach. And second for eating at the Shrimp Basket. Love it!! Hope yall have a great time.

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