Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Better late than never..

Sorry I’ve been neglecting ya’ll. I didn’t mean to, it just happens sometimes. So anyways, a weekend recap: Jeremy’s family came into town for the Auburn vs. Southern Miss game and we headed into the loveliest village on the plains for the game. Jeremy’s family are Southern fans, and me, well, being a graduate of Auburn, I am an Auburn fan. I was the Auburn fan sitting in the top row of the Southern section cheering my little heart out. We got soaked in the 4th quarter which was entertaining in itself, and Auburn won, but it was a good game, and the Southern fans were really nice about me being up there cheering for the other team. A good time was had by all…

After the game was over we headed over to Amy and Adam’s for a late lunch/early supper. We ate until we were stuffed and really enjoyed getting to spend time with everyone. After that, we headed over to my parent’s to pick up little man and then we crashed at home.

Jackson still isn’t feeling great. I had to go pick him up early yesterday because he just wasn’t feeling good. He has his 2nd ear infection in 2 weeks, and even though he has tubes, they don’t seem to be doing their job right now. Please say a little prayer for him.
I guess that’s all for now. Talk to ya’ll later!

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