Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In a Matter of Mere Minutes

Saturday morning Jackson and I had to leave our house around 7:30 to head to our church for an all day Family Fun Day. Jeremy had already headed off to work and all I had to do to finish getting ready was run to my bathroom in the back of the house and brush my teeth and put my shoes on. Jackson was left alone for maybe 2-3 minutes max. I walk back into the kitchen and this is what I see:
My cute little monkey had dumped the clean clothes out of the laundry basket, carried it into the kitchen, and proceeded to help himself with the brownies. I couldn't help but laugh as I grabbed my camera. Jackson thought the brownies were delicious and after he figured out that he wasn't going to get in trouble he started laughing at himself.

Jackson still doesn't know if he is in trouble here. Check out those baby blues!!!

I really could eat him up!!

What Jackson didn't eat just got holes put in it!

My, oh my, do I love my little monkey!!!

Oh, and no, he didn't eat that entire section of brownies. He did dig the section with the hole in it out, but mostly he was just eating crumbs and little pieces. He did however get it all over his clean Auburn shirt, and that in itself was tragic enough.

2 random thoughts:

Graham Shenanigans said...

maybe the brownies smeared all over the big logo on the front of the shirt...way to go, Jackson!!

AmyKnight said...

He is definitely Buddy Wade's grandson going for those brownies!! Love it. Such a resourceful 2 year old.

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