Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Gift of Grandparents

I want to wish Jeremy's grandparents, Mamaw and Papaw, a wonderful 65th Wedding Anniversary!! Isn't that incredible!! 65 years is practically forever!!! Jeremy and I both have been blessed with great grandparents, and honestly, if you could see his Mamaw and Papaw together you would witness what true love and marriage should be all about. They literally adore each other! They are truly wonderful people, and I wish them the best! We love you Mamaw and Papaw!!!

In other grand parenting news, it was 6 years ago today that my Granny Betsy (My Dad's Mom) passed away. She was such an amazing person (fun and feisty), and I miss her so much. I especially miss that she wasn't able to meet my little man before she died, and now, she has her 2nd great-grandchild on the way. My cousin Brandi is expecting a little girl in November, and I know she would be so delighted to have another great grand baby on the way.

Granny Betsy, Me, and my little sister Kellyn rocking the Auburn stuff at a game many, many, years ago. Check out my frayed cut-off shorts and Kellyn's tied up shirt!!

It is amazing to think about the influence our grandparents make on our lives, and how much they impact us, even after they are gone. Grandparents are a true gift!!!

Happy Anniversary Mamaw and Papaw!!!

4 random thoughts:

Life In Progress said...

I could not agree more! Our girls are lucky enough to have several living great-grandparents, and it's such an amazing blessing.

Kellyn said...

What a photo! At least we don't have the perms! That was quite a look!! I love and miss Granny Betsy and Grandpa!! :)

The Wade's said...

I wish I could find a picture of Granny Betsy and Grandpa along with Nanny and Papa all in the same picture.

The Jones' said...

I love my grandma and loved my papa while he was here. They were super influences on my life. You and Kellyn are too cute. Have you happened to watch "Hannah Montana" and seen the guy,Oliver. He so could be yall's brother. If you have not seen him, look for him. His real name is Mitchell Musso(Hannah is on all of the time here)and David and I always say he looks like he belongs in your family!

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