Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I think he's getting just a tad bit confused here...

We are teaching Jackson to say, "Trick or Treat...give me something good to eat" for Halloween. You have got to watch these videos. He is too funny!!

In the first video he is using his new "scary" voice that is sure to win some folks over with his charm!!

In this next video he transitions from his scary voice to channeling Tiger Woods.

In this last video he is all over the place. I seriously have no idea where he comes up with this stuff. He also video debuts his new funny face in which he scrunches up his face until you can't even see his eyes. I have laughed until I cried over this new funny face, which he always chooses to do when I am trying to get on to him for something. He knows he is being cute, which in turn means he is just irresistible!!

I hope you enjoy the videos!

1 random thoughts:

The Jones' said...

He is too cute! Love that little voice. Tonight in Mission Friends,we were talking about if we had ever moved and things or people we missed. Mary Garner said she missed her friends in Prattville..."baby" Jackson was one of those friends.

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