Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The School Bus

Every morning at exactly 6:51 Jackson and I run down our driveway, I pick him up in my arms, and we wait for the school bus to come down our street. Jackson loves the school bus, and I can see why. The flashing lights, the stops at peoples houses; it's very exciting for a toddler. Jackson waves to the bus driver as she drives by and I can tell that the driver just loves him. She just laughs and smiles every time she sees him. He is very cute after all. Jackson will even tell you that the school bus takes big kids to school cause he's smart like that. The bus drives past our house, and stops 2 houses down for our neighbor Joel to get on, then drives around the corner to pick up 2 more kids. Then it does Jackson's favorite thing; the driver puts the bus in reverse and the bus turns around, making it's "beep beep beep" sound the entire time. You can just see the excitement on Jackson's face. He loves it! The bus drives past us again, Jackson waves once more, and then Jeremy takes him to school.

One week from today, on November 4th, millions of Americans are going to head to the polls to elect our new leaders for the coming terms. The decisions we will make will impact not only our lives, but also the lives of our children and grandchildren. I pray that we make wise and moral decisions because, as I have realized over the past couple of days, I am not voting for me. I am voting for the country and the leader that I want Jackson to have. He is far more important than me, and I know that my decision in one week will have a much greater impact on his life than mine. He is my future. I am now voting for him. We will watch results come in until late in the night, and perhaps by the time we go to bed we will know who our new leaders will be.

Then, on November 5th, at exactly 6:51, Jackson and I will head down our driveway, I will pick him up in my arms, and we will wait for the school bus to come by. He will wave and smile at the bus driver and we will wait for the "beep beep beep" sounds of the bus backing up. A lot will change on November 4th, but thankfully some things, the most important things, will remain the exact same.

4 random thoughts:

The Sapersteins said...

Very good blog! I am so ready for the election to be over with! I am anixous to see who will be the next president

Mom said...

Great blog!! I pray that God will give us the best man for this most difficult job of leading our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


Southern Fried Mom said...

I am so crying right now!

The Jones' said...

I have tears in my eyes right now.(It may be just because I am pregnant and I can cry at a Subway commercial too) Anyway, Mary Garner is sitting right beside me now on the couch as I type and I just feel the same way. But thankfully we have our faith in God and He will sustain us through whatever comes. Very sad that some do not have that hope and peace.

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