Thursday, October 16, 2008

Uninvited guest

Jeremy called me the other day and we had a most interesting conversation about an uninvited guest at our house. He had been doing some yard work and spotted a snake in our yard. Y'all, we live in the middle of a neighborhood, and last time I checked, we did NOT invite any of Satan's hand puppets to come hang out around our house. So when Jeremy spotted the snake, he did what any husband who is supportive of his wife's blogging habit would do....he ran inside to get the camera. After snapping a few pictures he ran to go get the shovel, and wouldn't you know it, the snake got away. When I asked him long long it was, he told me that it was nearly as long as his leg. He looked for it for awhile, and finally gave up.

Until yesterday...

The snake decided to rear his ugly little head again, and this time, Jeremy didn't bother taking a picture of it before he got his shovel and killed it. I know some people out there would say that since it is one of the "good" snakes (if there even is such a thing), I can't have a snake slithering through my yard with a toddler running around. It just wouldn't be a good combination. I can only imagine my inquisitive toddler running up to show me what he had found with a creepy snake in his hand. Not.Gonna.Happen.

Here are the pictures of our Mr. No Shoulders.

P.S. Although in the picture the snake looks "as long as my leg" according to Jeremy, he is really only about 14-16 inches long and about as thick as a penny. Well, I guess I should say he "was" 14-16 inches.
Y'all have a great day, and sorry if the pictures give you the creeps!

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