Friday, November 21, 2008

It’s just that déjà vu thing all over again

Last night Jackson pitched the biggest fit we have seen in awhile. He was mad, and nothing was making him happy. He was saying his back was hurting, his tummy was hurting, he had a cough, and oddly enough, he was walking around with a slight limp. It really scared both of us, and I really don’t think that I have ever seen him this upset. Jeremy and I quickly got ready to take him to Pri-Med and then, just in an instant, he quit. No more tears, no fussing, nothing. The kid was fine. I decided that we should go ahead and take him to the doctor just to ease my mind. So we packed up and headed to the doctor around 6:30. We finally got back there, told the nurse about his episode, that he has had no fever, and we were basically just there to check on the cough. After a quick strep test from the nurse, we waited for the doctor.

Diagnosis: Strep Throat

It really wasn't surprising since I had strep last week. The Doctor was great, and he told us that he wanted to just cover all his bases and do a quick chest x-ray on Jackson. After waiting a few minutes the doctor came back.

New Diagnosis: Strep Pneumonia

Yes, you read that right. Our little man has strep AND the beginning stages of pneumonia , which is then appropriately called strep pneumonia. The doctor actually said that if we had come in any earlier, that the pneumonia wouldn't have even shown up on the x-ray. So, all things considered, we got really lucky with this one. Jackson didn't show ANY normal strep symptoms considering that we knew he had been exposed when I got strep last week. No strep, no fever….just a slight cough. So Jackson will have 10 days worth of antibiotics, and be just as good as new. So, Moms, just watch out for those less-than-normal symptoms. Sometimes they just sneak right up on you, even when you are watching carefully. Oh, and we got home last night at 10:00. That's fun. Anyways, I catch up with you later gaters!

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