Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Other Side of Santa Claus

Our refrigerator is covered with pictures of Jackson at various stages of his life. One of the pictures on the side of the fridge is a 5x7 picture of Jackson with Santa Claus and was taken when Jackson was about 4 months old. Jackson is beginning to get interested in Santa Claus, although I don't really think he "gets" much of it yet. This morning Jeremy and Jackson were hanging out in the kitchen talking and I overheard the following conversation:

Jeremy: "What is your name?"
Jackson" "Jackson Thomas Wade."
Jeremy: "What is Mommy's name?"
Jackson: "Amy Lizbeth Wade."
Jeremy: "What is my name?"
Jackson: "Jeremy Paul Wade."
Jeremy: "How old are you?"
Jackson: "I'm 2."
Jeremy (pointing to the picture of Jackson and Santa): "Who is that?"
Jackson: "Santa Claus."
Jeremy: "And what does Santa Claus do?"
Jackson: "He takes my toys."

I think he's lost something in translation...And I have a new poll going up on the right side of the page under the Blogher Ads and I am really wanting some input!

7 random thoughts:

Graham Shenanigans said...

it's so cute what the little ones come up with. It won't be long before Santa Claus becomes his best friend...lol

The Sapersteins said...

that's cute:)

Miranda said...

Ok so am I getting the sneaky suspicion that you want to buy Jackson a "gender neutral" play kitchen and you're not sure if you should? If that is the case, let me say this-while I see no harm in little boys growing up as loving fathers because they played with baby dolls, most boys are not given dolls as gifts.

All that aside, I see absolutely 100% no harm whatsoever in buying him a kitchen. This, to me, is totally different than baby dolls and along the lines of vaccum cleaners - to me, both of those are gender neutral items and perfectly fine. Plus, even Noah seemed to love Gracie's kitchen!

Kellyn said...

Poor confused kid! He's going to be traumatized by the time Christmas gets here!

Jennifer said...

Benjamin plays with Isabella's old kitchen set all the time, and I have even considered getting him a new one.

Tanya @ Texastanya.net said...

Poor Santa, got a bad rap...

A comment on your poll about a gender neutral kitchen for boys. When I was looking for one for my boys, all I could find were pink and purple kitchens, and they were outrageously priced. Since I couldn't find what I wanted I was thrilled to stumble across my find at a resale shop. I found (and purchased) something called a McDonalds Fast Food Cart for $15. With a few fake food purchases from the dollar store, our kitchen is complete. It solved the gender issue, and it's a kitchen!

Southern Fried Mom said...

We had a gender neutral kitchen. It was a hit...and was used as a kitchen, drive through window, and was turned upside down to serve as a rocket ship (boys will be boys!) It was well loved until it finally had seen better days! Both my boys love to cook with me...and I think a pretend kitchen is great for the imagination. Enjoy the ride of "Santa Who?" It's probably your last year for that. Trust me.

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