Monday, November 03, 2008

Weekend Update

Hi y'all! I hope you had a great weekend. We did! Jeremy's parents came for a visit, and Jackson had a blast with his Gigi and Papa. We went shoe shopping on Saturday, and then Saturday afternoon Amy and Adam came for a visit. We also went to Gracie's birthday party and then out to eat. Saturday was super busy, but alot of fun!

Sunday was a normal churchy day, and now we are back in the swing of a typical week. Typical meaning Jackson had a trip to the dermatologist today (went good) and then tomorrow is the big day!! Make sure you vote!!

Highlights from the weekend!!!
1. Seeing Jeremy's family!
2. Breaking our Sunday School record of 361 at church with a total attendance of 410!
3. Filling my minivan up for ONLY $45.00!!!!
4. Jackson's new New Balance shoes. They are so stinking cute, and his first pair of tennis shoes with laces.
4. Asking Jackson what his name was and him saying, "Jackson Thomas Wade"
5. Asking him what my name is and him saying "Amy Thomas Wade"!!
6. Asking him what Jeremy's name is and him saying, "Jeremy Thomas Wade"!! He is such a monkey!
I will post pictures tomorrow when I have a few more minutes. Have a great Monday evening!

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