Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Awww, thanks!

One of my favorite blogs to read, Life in Progress, shared this bloggy award with me. She has an awesome blog that I just love reading, and her family adventures remind me a lot about my own life. There is always something fun going on! So thanks for the fun award!

So now that I have gotten this fabulous bloggy award, I'm supposed to list ten things that make me happy, and pass then I get to pass the bloggy love on. So here's my 10!

1. My husband. Jeremy is wonderful! He loves Jackson and I so much, and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. Jackson adores him, and unlike some men who think it's not manly to love on their sons, Jeremy is very good about telling Jackson (and showing him) how much he loves him. He is an amazing husband who loves me and all my antics unconditionally, and he is always willing to go the extra mile and help out around the house. In a couple of weeks we will celebrate our 7th anniversary, and it has been great. I love you Jer!

2. My little man, Jackson. I love my son. I would do anything for him. It is the best thing ever to be able to watch what a great kid he is turning into. He is growing up so quickly, and he is always giving me something new to love! It's amazing to me that I can carry on full grown up like conversations with him. He told Jeremy "Merry Christmas" this morning and it was just about the sweetest thing ever. I love him, and he makes me so very happy, even when he is a little stinker!

3. Family: We have both got amazing families and we are so lucky that we grew up in Christian homes with wonderful parents and siblings. I know it sounds cheesy, but I love our families!

4. Friends: I love my real-life friends and bloggy friends. It's amazing to think that there are people out there that I count as a friend, and we have never even met. I even share prayer requests from my bloggy friends in my Sunday School class. I love y'all that much!

5. My faith: I am so glad that I truly believe in something bigger than me, and that is God. I may not understand everything that God allows to happen, but I know that it is happening for a reason. I take that to heart!

6. Bring the Rain. I heart this blog. She is amazing, and just blesses me with her words of inspiration.

7. Christmas. The music. The traditions. The food. The Christmas story (both the movie and the birth of Jesus). It's all great. I haven't done hardly any shopping (and by that I mean that I have only bought 1 present), but I'll get around to it. Eventually. Like the 24th...

8. I'm going to Denver in only 8 days. Whoooo-hooooo! Can you tell how excited I am? Seeing great friends again, my first trip anywhere by myself, and I'm even excited about the little bag of peanuts that I'm gonna get on the airplane. I.Can't.Wait.

9. OnStar. I told you yesterday how much I love their commercials. I meant it. OnStar makes me very happy. It is practially the best invention ever.

10. Orville Redenbacher's new Lime and Salt popcorn. It is heavenly. Imagine a tasty blend of Mexican restaurant meets just perfectly salty popcorn. I don't know why I think of a Mexican restaurant when I think of limes. It must be that I'm thinking of a margarita. Who cares? You MUST try this popcorn.

So those are 10 random things that make me happy. I am now going to share this award with a few of my favorite bloggers. Drum roll please......

1 random thoughts:

Life In Progress said...

Lime and Salt popcorn. Are you serious? I must get myself to the store. That sounds amazing.

Oh, love the rest of the list too! Is it sad that the popcorn is the thing that stood out most? Just kidding.

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