Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

I want to wish my Dad a wonderful Birthday. He is an amazing Dad, and a fantastic Grandpa. I have been truly blessed to have him in my life. I love you Dad!

Happy Birthday!

4 random thoughts:

Tiffany! said...

awww I want to wish your dad a happy birthday too because he is such a remarkable person! Happy Birthday Mr. T!!!

Did you know that when he was my Sunday school teacher, he was the one who lead me to Christ? I still have the devotional he bought me when I got saved.

Kellyn said...

I love the picture...Jackson's like "whatcho talking bout?"

And I LOVE hearing stories like Tiffany's about Dad and Mom, they make me smile and hope I can be that great someday too!

Love you, Dad (and Mom, but its not your birthday!)

Mom said...

Isn't Dad the best!!!

The Jones' said...

Please tell your dad Happy B'day from the Jones family. We love your parents and miss them. I hope we can raise 2 girls the way they have. Honestly, I always think about what a great job they have done in bringing up 2 strong Christian girls. It just does not happen that often.

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