Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Round 1 of pictures....lots more to come!

Here are my first round of pictures. You can click on them to make them larger. Enjoy!

Allison and I at Bear Lake

Me pretending to push Allison into Bear Lake

Me playing in the snow. It was a lot harder than it looks, but it is so powdery that it just brushes off!

This picture was taken by a random Auburn fan we met. It was snowing so hard you could hardly see anything!

View on horseback

The view out my window when I woke up Sunday morning.

Mr. Robert, Mrs. Sharon, Chase, Zachary, Eli, Allison, Darcy, Bandit, and Lucky

Looking out the window at the airport. It was snowing so hard for awhile that you couldn't see the airplanes on the tarmac.

1 random thoughts:

Mom said...

Ohhhh ... I want to go to Denver!!!

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