Monday, January 12, 2009

The Difference A Year Makes

I was going through some pictures from last January and it was amazing to me at how much Jackson has changed in a year! He has gotten so much taller and he is also much skinnier now. I also can't believe the change in vocabulary. We were loving his "kuh-kuh-duck" from 2008, but it makes parenting so much easier when your 2 year old can tell you exactly what he wants in full and complete sentences, with proper English for the most part. His speech is amazing!

January 2008 Jackson playing in the one and only snow during his lifetime!
Check out that cute smile!

And now fast forward to 2009....
Look at how much taller he is!

Trying on Daddy's belt. Aren't the pajamas so cute on him!

Jackson is such a cutie playing with his completely gender neutral itchen-kay!

I have loved watching the changes that he has made over the course of this year. I can't wait to see how much he changes during 2009! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in parenting!!!

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