Thursday, January 15, 2009

Operation Big Boy Bed is going to KILL us...

Please try to ignore the toothpicks that are holding my eyes open today. It seems that Operation Big Boy Bed (OBBB) has hit the wall. Apparently Jeremy and I have been blessed with a child that seems to enjoy the freedom a BBB provides, and loves to drag the falling asleep process out as long as possible, and also thinks that the hours of 2am through 3 am is the best time to wake up. He is like a sadistic little alarm clock. His bedroom is on the opposite end of the house as our bedroom, and without fail, around 2:00 in the morning you will hear the pitter patter of little feet crossing the kitchen floor and then a little voice calling for Mommy or Daddy. Here is a little snippet of our conversation. At 2:00 in the morning. Let's not forget that little tidbit of info.

Jackson: "Mommy, I come cuddle."
Me: "Jackson, you have to sleep in your room."
Jackson: (now on Jeremy's side of the bed) "Daddy, will you go cook me some grits?"
Jeremy: "Jackson, it's the middle of the night. It's not time for grits."

And then an adorable pajama clad Jackson gets toted back to his BBB where he gets placed ever so gently on his bed, with no covers on mind you because apparently sheets/bedspreads are of the Devil, and then without fail, as soon as we disappear from sight the whole thing starts over again.

Requests last night: Grits, milk, to go potty, watch Silly Monsters (aka Monsters, Inc.), cuddle with Mommy or Daddy (whoever doesn't have him at the time), and repeatedly telling me that his bed is broken although I have no idea what he is talking about on this one.

Finally, after about 10 times of this entire process repeating itself, Jackson fell back asleep. At 3:30. We're all exhausted. I can't even think straight. Jeremy's first words to me today..."Your eyes sure are puffy." Thanks for noticing.

So for now we will just continue channeling Supernanny and continue to take him straight back to bed without talking or entertaining him unless y'all have a better idea. I'm all up for some suggestions...

Now, if y'all could please excuse me....I have to go get some caffeine. I have a feeling I'm in for another LOOOONNNNNGGGG night. Bye now!

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The Sapersteins said...

I bought a little baby gate when we put the kids is big boy (and girl) beds. it worked nice because when they would wake up like that then they could stay in their room and play or entertain themselves until time to really get up. It's worked for us so far.

The Jones' said...

Can you hear Jackson if he calls you or can he hear you if you answer? That worked for us...we told her she coul not get out of her bed. So, she would call us (and still does) if she cannot sleep. We would go in there sometimes or just call back to her and remind her it was time to sleep. It sounds really simple as I type it but it worked at the time for us. I think you are on the right track though with just taking him right back to bed with no entertainment. Hang in there! You all 3 will survive!
Thanks for the compliments on Molly. I did remember you named Kellyn. David and I talked about that and I told him I rememeber you talking about naming Kellyn and it seemed to be very special for you. I think it will be for Mary Garner too.

Miranda said...

We pretty much did the Supernanny thing during the transition from crib to toddler bed....walk them back to the room without talking. But normally we did it as SOON as Gracie came into our room. No cuddling, no talking, pretty much nothing.
My next suggestion was going to be what Ashley said - try the baby gate. He can play in his room until he gets tired enough to put him back to sleep. Do you guys still have a baby monitor in case you can't hear him if he calls to you?

Anonymous said...

Two things to try

1) BABY GATE his door... but let him know it is for his safety etc.

2) Two Way Monitor.. when he gets up (or is calling for you at the baby gate) you can remind him once to lay down, you love him, go to sleep etc. - but only once!

Sometimes he might just want to hear your voice

For now, patience and coffee!

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