Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Update

We had such a great weekend in the Wade's household. I'll break it down a little to share the highlights.
  • Jackson has been sleeping like a pro in his BBB without threats of any kind. We have it down to an art now. Jackson gets put in his bed and one of us will lay down with him for a minute and tell a story to just talk, then we say prayers, and then we leave. Jackson sometimes yells out from his bed for one of us to come back, but we just holler back that he needs to stay in his BBB, and then magically he does. It’s amazing!
  • Jackson got a phone call from Santa Claus yesterday telling him that he has some leftover toys and that if Jackson did not cry during Sunday School, that Jackson would be able to get a new toy. Sunday School was still sketchy, but we survived, and Jackson is the proud owner of 2 new Matchbox construction trucks.
  • And the biggest one of all….Jackson has just about mastered pooping in the potty. He has told us that he needed to go 4 times this weekend and then successfully made it all 4 times. We are so proud of him! I can see the light at the end of the Pampers tunnel and it’s getting brighter!!!

Have a great Monday!

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AmyKnight said...

Such exciting news. We miss little man SO much. We are going to get his new cousin today not in the baby sort of way but the doggie sort of way!!

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