Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lost in Translation

It is cold here. Bitterly cold. The end.

Just kidding. You know I have much more to say than that!

After picking Jackson up from school yesterday I was trying to wrestle him into his carseat. I was telling him that we needed to hurry because I had forgotten my jacket.

Me: "Hurry, Jackson. Mommy's freezing out here. I forgot my jacket."
Jackson: (picture head cocked to one side) "You two-get your jacket?"
Me: "No, I forgot my jacket."
Jackson: "You two-get your jacket?"
Me: "No, I forgot my jacket."
Jackson: (now looking at me like I'm an idiot) "Mommy two-get your jacket?"
Me: "I give up. Yes, I two-get my jacket." least he's close and knows his numbers!!!

And it goes without saying that he is just the cutest thing ever...

2 random thoughts:

Mom said...

I can't wait to see Jackson tonight ... of course, you and Jeremy count, too. I know yall will bring a smile to Nanny's face.

Rachel said...

I love it! I love little glimpses into how their minds work differently than ours.

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